EAU Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of EMPOWERED WATERTM - Electrolyzed Oxidative (EO) and Electrolyzed Reductive (ER) water equipment for high-volume, industrial and commercial applications. Our breakthrough technology is revolutionizing food safety and the way businesses think about cleaning and disinfecting with highly effective green technology without toxicity.

EAU has partnered with the Coca-Cola company to use Empowered Water in it's beverage processing plants.  Successful installations at carbonated soft drink plants for CIP have shown good ROI while contributing to improved sustainability goals that are part of Coke's "Living Positively" corporate objectives.  Processing Magazine recently reviewed Coca-Cola's use of this game changing technology for CIP.  Read more...

Key benefits of Empowered Water CIP applications include:

  • Replacement of dangerous concentrated chemicals
  • Improved microbial efficacy
  • Reduced CIP time cycles = Higher productivity
  • Lower cleaning temps = less energy use
  • Reduced waste water generation
  • Lower waste water treatment requirements
  • Non-toxic - a true "clean" technology
  • Contributes to corporate 'Sustainability' objectives

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