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Primacide A Empowered Water

Primacide A is disinfecting fluid that kills a large variety of bacteria, viruses, molds and spores within seconds of contact. It is capable of replacing chlorinated water now used in poultry processing at volumes approaching 50,000 gallons per hour; is up to 80 times more effective at killing pathogens, without the toxicity you would have if you used an equivalent strength disinfectant; and is cost-effective when compared to antimicrobials such as trisodium phosphate (TSP), Quaternary Ammoniums, among others.

Primacide is EAU's trade name of fluids which are created through an electrolysis process. Primacide A has a pH of ~2.5. Primacide C has a pH of ~5.0. Primacide B has a pH of ~11.5.

Through the electrolysis process Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is created when the salt solution comes in contact with specially coated electrodes. The Cl from the sodium chloride (NaCl) migrates to the positive side of the chamber. The electrochemical process on the surface of the electrodes causes these Cl ions to combine with split water molecules to create HOCl.  This solution is Acidic. In contrast, bleach is a Basic solution and only a portion of the active ingredient is in the HOCl form. This difference is why Primacide A is up to 80 times more effective as an antimicrobial than bleach.

Primacide A is very reactive, therefore has a short shelf life. We have company tests that show a shelf life of 15 days if kept in the right environment.  As a CIP (clean in place) solution, however, EAU suggests that its customers make the fluid within a few days of use. Further specific Primacide A shelf life studies are in process. Primacide A has a pH of between 2.3-3.0. Primacide A has proven to be as effective as ozone and irradiation as a surface disinfectant yet nowhere near the toxicity of the latter.

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