Empowered Water™ generators create acidic and alkaline fluids with powerful cleaning and antimicrobial properties.

EAU sells and leases generators to companies in need of improved cleaning and disinfecting methods and replacing them with a safer, efficacious solution.

There are currently numerous models. Each model is specially designed to serve specific industry needs.

Empowered Water has been rigorously tested against harmful pathogens and has been proven to kill high profile microbes such as: Listeria, E-coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, Tuberculosis and many types of mold and fungi.

Empowered Water Generators

EAU Technologies manufactures Empowered Water™ generators that employ electrolysis to produce high volumes of electrolyzed oxidative and reductive water. The generators use a unique combination of cell technology, electrolytes and electricity to create a gentle and effective oxidized antimicrobial solution capable of killing many pathogens in less than a minute, often in seconds. On the other side an extremely effective alkaline solution is created that can replace toxic caustic used in just about any arena. The stabilized electrolyzed water is effective, inexpensive to produce, safer than traditional interventions, and can be used in multiple applications due to its various inherent antimicrobial characteristics.

EAU has taken a design build approach to it's equipment. No two customers are the same in their need for Empowered Water.  EAU has advanced the industry by being able to meet the volume needs of the customer without losing important components of the fluids capacity to clean and disinfect. EAU has created systems that produce as little as 76 gallons to 25,000 gallons per hour.  EAU is not limited in any way by volumes or applications for Empowered Water.

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Below is a scientific animation of the electrolysis process that is instrumental in the development of Empowered Water.

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